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Termites cause more damage to homes in Australian than fire, flood and storms annually. It is also estimated that 80% of homes in Australia are within 30m of a termite nest.

For this reason, is highly recommended that all people purchasing a property should have a timber pest inspection undertaken. Red Earth Buildings Inspector (Paul Connelly) is qualified to undertake prepurchase timber pest inspections and produces reports in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349.3 -2010.

Timber pest inspections are an important part of your building inspection because they can detect an infestation of termites or other timber pests, which could lead to structural damage and destruction of important buildings. Timber pest inspections will help you make sure that pests don’t get to the point where they present a danger to your property.

Red Earth Building Inspections Perth offers timber pest inspection services for residential homes, commercial properties, and industrial sites.

Timber Pests which are covered by the prepurchase timber pest inspection are;

  • Termites (white ants)
  • Dry and wet rot of timbers (fungal decay)
  • Borers
  • Chemical delignification

Items includreded in the report include;

Many contracts for sale are based on the condition that the building is deemed free from termite infestation.

Giving people in property peace of mind.

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