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A Dilapidation Report is a report on the condition of adjacent or nearby properties prior to commencement of building or construction work taking place.

Below is the typical costs and sequence of new build inspections together with their inclusions which we offer for new home builds.

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The purpose of the report is to provide our clients (usually a builder or the developer) with a photographic record of the adjacent or nearby properties at the time of the inspection, which can be used for future reference in the event that there are claims of building degradation or defects from the owners of the surrounding properties.

Common issues include cracking to walls and ceilings in adjoining properties resulting from compaction or heavy vehicle movement during construction.

Giving people in property peace of mind.

The onus on the builder or developer.

However, many buildings have cracks in the walls and ceilings prior to construction commencing and without a dilapidation report the builder or developer can be made liable for rectification of defects to surrounding properties through no fault of their own.

Remember, the onus in on the builder or the developer to prove that they have not caused damage to surrounding properties as a result of their construction activities in the event of claims from adjacent property owners.

Don’t get caught out on your next construction project and have a professional dilapidation report completed by a registered builder prior to commencement of works.

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