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Strata Property Project Management

Red Earth Project Management provides professional client-side project management services for strata managers and council of owners across Perth.

With 15 years project management experience in commercial construction, Paul Connelly has the experience and qualifications to coordinate and drive major construction alterations and additions or major maintenance works to ensure qualify outcomes for our clients.

Project Management services for Strata properties include;

  • Design Development and Coordination – Consultant engagement and management
  • Local Council Approvals
  • Preparation of Tender Packages including creating detailed scopes of works, specification and documentation and contract selection appropriate to the projects size and complexity.
  • Competitive tendering, contractor and quotation assessments and negotiations and contractor recommendation reports to Clients for Council of Owner review and approval
  • Preparation of Contracts for execution.
  • Contractor Management and Coordination during the construction/ maintenance works process as the Clients Representative.
  • Contractor final account settlement and practical completion management
  • Project reporting to Council of Owners progressively during the project including financial, programme, quality and health and safety.

Let us take the hassle out of your major Strata construction and maintenance projects and get an experienced, professional Chartered Building Professional your corner from initial concept through to practical completion.

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Giving people in property peace of mind.

10 Year Strata Maintenance Plans

As at the 1st May 2020 the Strata Titles Act 1985 and amendments became effective meaning that all Strata properties with 10 or more lots or with a building replacement cost of $5 million or more had to have a 10 Year Maintenance Plan in place for the property.

The reason for this legislation was to ensure that Strata companies were adequately planning and budgeting for the Reserve Fund costs at the property. This is to ensure that the Strata common property was adequately maintained and to minimise strata companies having to go into debt when large building expenses (such as replacing roof coverings, lifts etc) were required to be expended.

The Reserve Fund is the Strata fund designated to cover the anticipated maintenance, repair, renewal or replacement works and costs (other than that of a routine nature) required at the property over the next 10 years. This covers costs such as external painting, lift replacement, windows replacement, roofing replacement and many other items of significant cost which need to be planned and budgeted for over the long term.

Why Choose Red Earth?

Registered Builder

As a registered builder, Paul’s experience and knowledge is across all trades and engineering disciplines. This together with a thorough working knowledge of the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards, means that our clients can be assured of a complete assessment all common property by a qualified and Chartered Building Professional.

Not Just Depreciation Rates

The inspector is a registered builder who assesses the actual condition and usage of the building and does not just apply ATO depreciation rates like many of our competitors.


The inspector has completed over 800 condition reports and knows from contracting experience the likely costs of repairs and will not just apply Rawlinson’s Cost Handbook rates as would a quantity surveyor or someone with limited or no contracting experience.

Property Condition and Life Cycle Cost Reports

These reports are produced for property investors and property maintenance managers to enable them to prioritise necessary works required at their properties and in the preparation of property maintenance scopes, action plans and budgets estimates.

In particular, Property Condition and Life Cycle Cost Reports:

Being produced by a registered builder, the reports provide property maintenance managers and organisations with cut and paste line items which clearly identify and describe the defects including photographs.

Each defect also has a rectification scope of works which can be forwarded to contractors to enable them to quote on or undertake the required works.

We understand that managing a property portfolio with multiple tenants is a demanding job. Our aim is to help our clients maintain their properties via the use of a structured and programmed reporting system so that maintenance is planned and budgeted for and not reactionary. In the end we want what you want, happy tenants in well maintained properties.

Please contact us today to discuss your property condition reporting requirements and how we can best help you and your organisation.

About the Strata Inspector

Paul Connelly

  • Bachelor of Construction Management (Hon)
  • WA Registered Building Practitioner (102466)
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Building
  • 20 Years commercial and residential construction experience
  • 15 years working in WA in the commercial construction sector working for Building Contactors prior to starting Red Earth Building Inspections in 2017.

Sample 10 Year Management Plan reports are available on request.

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