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Pre-Purchase Building are essential for anyone buying an established home or property.

Time and time again, we see houses and properties which look amazing at home opens with new painting, finishes and kitchens etc but which upon inspection have underlying structural or other major defects present.
The cost to rectify these defects can be significant and it is essential for your peace of mind that when you purchase a property you know the full story so you can proceed with confidence.

House Inspection Packages

Comprehensive Building & Timber Pest Inspection


Structural Building & Timber Pest Inspection


Professional building inspections and consultancy giving you peace of mind when buying property, building new or maintaining investment properties.

Giving people in property peace of mind.

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Merry Christmas everyone.

We will be enjoying the festive season and will not be available to undertake inspections between Monday 18thDecember 2023 and Friday 5th January 2024. If you require an inspection during this period, please make other arrangements.

The office will be open to respond to enquiries and bookings from Wednesday 3rd January 2024, with inspections being scheduled from Monday 8th January 2024.

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